Al itizan lawyer & legal consultants

A law firm in United Arab Emirates  founded more than 30 years ago by its creator and CEO,  Doctor Adel Khamis Almemari.


AL ITIZAN LAWYERS AND LEGAL CONSULTANTS is one of the law firms with a long history and high quality in the legal fields and our lawyers are qualified by a vast expertise in complex or simple cases to give legal advises, to help companies to put in place their financial or banking difficulties and to support people in the event of criminal proceedings or family conflicts. 


Our legal services advise you on all aspects of the laws in UAE and we conduct commercial, criminal, litigation, property disputes and we have the right to plead before all jurisdictions in United Arab Emirates.


We have a legal services to overseas  in collaboration with international law firms of first  class, specialist in all legal areas of all the nival including INTERPOL services.

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