It is one of the law firms in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES represented by its CEO Dr. ADEL KHAMIS MEMARI and for more than thirty years of experience.


Our professional lawyers are very capable of meeting the different and complex requirements of clients for debt collection, or for legal representation in all courts of the United Arab Emirates in general. 


We support our clients in all administrative or legal procedures to launch, organize, restructure or create a business, incorporate, a new business or start-up business.


We represent our clients in a full range of court cases, including property, commercial, civil, criminal, employment, divorce and family matters. 


Each case is treated with the same level of care and attention to detail, to ensure that all clients are informed in a fair and accurate manner, and our commitment to clients has reached a high percentage of winning verdicts in court.


When our clients are involved in complex, multi-jurisdictional cases, our offices abroad and our well-established network of international partner firms allow us to respond in a reactive manner, especially when it comes to prosecution via INTERPOL.


The firm AL ITIZAN LAWYERS & LEGAL CONSULTANCY, includes lawyers who are authorized to plead before all the courts  of the United Arab Emirates such as the civil court, the commercial court, the personal statue court, the criminal court, the labor court as well as the real estate court and for all kinds of cases including all levels of jurisdiction: first instance, the courts of appeal of Sharjah, Ajman, Dubai and the court of cassation of Abu Dhabi as well as the supreme federal court.    


- Expertise

 We are a law firm specialists in United Arab Emirates and our legal consultants and lawyers are experts in local law so that our clients can have a competent interlocutor who knows the regulations. 


- Responsiveness and availability   

We respond to our customers within 4 hours maximum, 6 days a week. Because it is necessary to understand before advising you, assisting you and representing you before any jurisdiction, we attach great importance to listening to our customers.


- Sustainability                                                                                                                      

 We have been present in this activity since 1980, which has given us mutual and permanent trust with our customers in the United Arab Emirates or internationally. 


Companies creation


Our  team of Al itizan lawyers & legal consultancy

specializes in advising on all forms of business creation, in particularly setting up a business in the United Arab Emirates and especially in Dubai will be a major destination for economic leaders and the world of business, whether it is a company looking for investment or an organization involved in merger, acquisition or joint venture activities.

Labor law


As a law firm in the United Arab Emirates ,we represent our clients in a wide range of disputes, including unfair dismissal, termination for dismissal, requests for rights and gratuities after termination, performance and contestation of employment contracts as well as other disputes between employer - employee.

Our expert lawyers can give legal advice to clients and represent them in court to obtain an appropriate compensation.

Criminal law


We represent clients in criminal cases ranging from uncleared checks to criminal fraud, breach of trust, theft, and defamation.

Our team of lawyers also represents clients with options such as requests for temporary release and filing civil damages claims to compensate them for damages suffered, if applicable.

Our criminal defense experts are ready to prepare cases at the optimal level, analyze the charges and the means of defense available.


Family law


Our Family law attorneys  are ready to help you on a wide range of issues, including family disputes such as divorce, child custody, support or domestic violence, inheritance, violence against children and the guardianship of minors. 

It's Islamic courts which have exclusive jurisdiction to manage these conflicts.


Dept collection


The debt collection is an essential element of the management of companies.

 You can count on our specialists to organize the collection of your debts.

 we use all the tools to ensure efficient amicable recovery.

If the amicable process did not succeed in reaching the deadline, Our firm will offer to initiate legal proceedings against your debtor. 

Commercial & civil law


We provide a wide range of legal services in all areas of commercial codes, including sales, purchasing, import, export, brokerage and security laws and regulations.

Our lawyers are also competent in civil matters or in relation to the public sector, covering inter alia, and beyond the law of obligations: special contracts, civil liability, insurance, protection measures, real estate law ...