Commercial law encompasses all commercial activities undertaken by individuals or legal entities, along with all aspects of the life cycle of a business. At AL ITIZAN LAWYERS & LEGAL CONSULTANTS, our expert commercial lawyers are adept at handling a variety of transactions requiring a complex set of contractual documents tailored to the specificity of each transaction.

Our Commercial Law Services:

  1. Contracts and Powers of Attorney: We assist in the conclusion of contracts and powers of attorney, covering a wide range of areas such as technology communication and banking legislation.
  2. Drafting Commercial Contracts: Commercial contracts are essential for any business. We offer drafting services for commercial contracts, ensuring clear terms, compliance with the law, and meeting the specific needs of each business.
  3. Contract Structuring: We ensure that contracts are structured to take into account the nature of the business, the relationships between the parties, obligations, and rights.
  4. Benefits of Drafting by a Specialized Lawyer: Having your commercial contract drafted by a specialized lawyer ensures that it addresses all relevant issues. Our business and commercial law legal advisors, with experience in drafting similar contracts, anticipate complexities and ensure that your contract considers them to protect your interests.


  • Legal Expertise: Our specialized lawyers have in-depth expertise in commercial law, covering all aspects of commercial codes.
  • Transaction Management: We are competent in handling complex transactions requiring contractual documents tailored to each transaction.
  • Drafting Tailored Contracts: We draft clear contracts, compliant with the law, and specifically designed to meet the particular needs of each business.
  • Anticipating Complexities: Our legal advisors anticipate complexities through their experience in drafting similar contracts, ensuring the consideration of all relevant aspects.

At AL ITIZAN LAWYERS & LEGAL CONSULTANTS, we are dedicated to providing top-notch legal services in commercial law. Trust us to protect your business interests and ensure the legal compliance of your transactions.