Criminal law in UAE, is a branch of the law linked to crime. It is a law that was fundamentally legal to maintain security and peace in society. Its real objective is to refine the behavior of individuals and to terrorize those who authorize it.

 The same goes for the violation of others in any form of crime, through texts and articles explaining that we mix each crime in detail, showing its pillars and frontiers and determining the appropriate penalty for the type of offense.

Emirati legislator has made very significant changes to the criminal procedure law, introducing regulations that would change the judicial and police system in the country, where His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, issued a decree of the federal law n ° 17 of 2018 modifying certain provisions of the federal criminal procedures law, by adding at the same time the system of penal order, the system of penal conciliation and the system of electronic surveillance.


The criminal order gives a member of the prosecution the right to try certain crimes and violations in criminal cases, whether in the presence of the accused or in his absence and without the need for a preliminary inquiry, for any offense punishable by imprisonment or imprisonment and a fine, except for border offenses, retribution, blood money (DEYYA), and offenses reaching the security of the state and its interests, crimes affecting the judiciary, insulting its reputation, disrupting court proceedings, crimes contained in the Juvenile and Federal Offenders Act, crimes for which the law did not authorize the abolition of punishment planned and crimes in which the law prescribed the measure of administrative expulsion from the state.


We represent our clients before all criminal cases in various court in the United Arab Emirates and in all public proceedings.


Our lawyers have good experience and knowledge of the criminal law and the criminal justice system of the United Arab Emirates, and they have extensive experience in the representation of natural and legal persons in criminal proceedings before the various courts of the United Arab Emirates and in all types and forms of criminal proceedings such as:


  •   Cybercrimes 
  •   Drug cases
  •   Intentional homicide and attempted     murder
  •   Cases of theft 
  •   Kidnapping cases
  •   Embezzlement and breach of trust
  •   Assault cases
  •   Assault and battery
  •   Money laundering cases
  •   Defamation and threats
  •   Defamation and extortion cases

If you face threats of severe criminal sanctions or a long prison sentence, our team of lawyers can represent the accused and defend the charges against him.


Our criminal defense experts are ready to prepare cases at the optimum level, analyze the charges and available defenses, negotiate petitions and the consequences of a criminal conviction, in order to find an experienced lawyer becoming a crucial requirement.


Our  lawyers will be able to prepare

experienced witnesses, negotiate, plead and defend you in the best possible way, regardless of the type of crime you have committed, your innocence or your guilt, we try to overcome all problems with confidence and success.


If you are arrested or charged under criminal law, please contact us and we will arrange an initial free and confidential consultation to advise you on the legal options available and the best steps to take to ensure a favorable and effective resolution.


If you face threats of heavy legal penalties or a long jail term, our team of lawyers can represent a criminal accused and defend the charges against you.