Our Family law experts in UAE  are ready to assist you on a wide range of issues including divorce cases, which must be dealt with in the United Arab Emirates according to Sharia law, which governs Muslim marriages, but also the possibility in some cases to opt for divorce laws according to the laws of other countries to which expatriate couples belong.


We support you throughout the divorce process also for all matters relating to child support, childcare or alimony while prioritizing their needs and feelings.


If you or your children are victims of domestic violence that has caused serious injury or psychological damage, we encourage you to consult our advisers who will help you to report your complaint and provide you with the necessary advice to protect yourself and your children. .


The inheritance of property in United Arab Emirates is the most sensitive matter in family law, especially since expatriates constitute a significant percentage of the population, many are those who invest in the country to buy properties so it It is essential to understand the legal structures and laws applied according to Sharia in the event of death.


It is for this reason that our legal advisers help you to know your rights and your inheritance obligations and advise you as best as possible with regard to your final will if you wish it to be distributed in accordance with the laws of your country of origin.